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Your Questions Answered:



Q: What is the purpose of TBIER?

A: TBIER is a platform that allows current and past employees to rate their employers. Our goal is to provide a transparent and reliable source of information about the work culture and environment of different



Q: How can TBIER help me in my job search?

A: TBIER can help you in your job search by providing you with a better understanding of what it's like to work at different companies. You can read employee reviews and ratings to help you make informed decisions about your career.


Q: What are the key features of TBIER?A: The key features of TBIER include the ability to search for companies based on their ratings in your area or by industry, the ability to read employee reviews, and a carefully crafted rating system that ensures that the ratings are fair and reliable.

Q: I can't find the employer I am looking for.

A: Our list of employers is constantly growing, so if you can't find who you are searching for send us an email and we will help you as much as we can.

Q: I really don't know where to start looking - I am a first-timer!

A: Welcome! We remember what it is like to start looking for a job with horses, so if you need some assistance send our team an email with your questions and we will help you.

Employee Reviewer


Q: What is TBIER?
A: TBIER is a platform where employees can review and rate their employers based on their experiences. By providing honest feedback, employees can help others make informed decisions about potential employers.

Q: Is my review confidential?
A: Yes, all reviews on TBIER are confidential. Your name and employment duration may be verified, but your review will remain anonymous.


Q: Who can submit a review?

A: All current employees are invited to submit a review of their current employer, and or any employer within the last 12 months (this will be verified before publishing.)

Q: How can I use TBIER to find the right employer?
A: TBIER allows you to search for potential employers and read reviews from current or former employees. This can help you gain insight into the company culture and work environment before applying for a job.

Q: What if my Employer isn't listed on your site yet?

A: No trouble we will add them to our ever-growing list. Thank you for adding and new reviewed employer!



Q: What is TBIER?
A: TBIER is an employment ratings platform designed to help companies improve their culture and work environment.


Q: Who can submit reviews on our business?

A: Any current employees, or employees who were employed by your business within the last 12 months.


Q: How will you ensure they are current or former employees?

A: Our staff/ super sleuths will confirm the submitter was in your employ within the set time frame of 12 months from the submission date - weeding out trolls and anti's.

Q: What about the ANTI's?

A: Our verification process is to ensure only relevant persons are able to review your business. We have no time for Anti's and encourage them to *trot* off.

Q: How can TBIER help companies foster a positive work environment?
A: TBIER can help companies foster a positive work environment by providing a platform for constructive criticism and feedback. By encouraging open communication and transparency, companies can address issues that may be impacting employee satisfaction and performance.

Q: What is the best way for companies to take action and improve?
A: The best way for companies to take action and improve is by listening to employee feedback and suggestions, and being open to constructive criticism. By using TBIER's analytics and benchmarking tools, companies can track their progress and continue to make improvements.

Q: How can we as a company have our say?

A: All businesses are welcome to inform future employees about what they offer as an employer. Please contact us at

Q: What if my business isn't currently listed with TBIER?

A: Welcome to the community, we are always thrilled to add a new business to our expanding list!



Thank you for sending us your questions, one of the team will be in contact shortly.

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